Your First Visit at Carton Dental

We hope that your first visit with us is for a New Patient Assessment but if it’s as an Emergency or with a problem that needs fixing that’s no problem at all.

We appreciate how vulnerable patients often feel while lying back on the dental chair. All members of our team are friendly and down to earth. There is no judgement involved during a dental assessment. We just say what we see and then make recommendations.

Before your first visit:

In advance of your fist visit we will send you a Confidential Medical History Questionnaire and some other forms for you to fill out.

When you first attend the practice:

Firstly we will run through your medical history and the other information that you have supplied to us. We will have a chat about the reasons you have attended and what your hopes and expectations of us are.


New Patient Assessment

Our new patient dental health assessment is very comprehensive.

Among the points that we will assess are:

  1. Oral Cancer screening.
  2. Check that the soft tissues of your mouth look healthy (cheeks, tongue, floor and roof of the mouth).
  3. Examine the position and bite of your teeth to check for any irregularities.
  4. Check your gums for any signs of gum disease or gum recession.
  5. Check for any areas that you may be missing when you are cleaning your teeth so that we can help you maintain your oral hygiene.
  6. Check your teeth for signs of decay or fractures.
  7. Check your teeth for signs of wear, erosion or cracks.
  8. Check any fillings, crowns or bridges for signs of leakage or fractures.
  9. Check any removable dentures for fit and comfort.
  10. Current alignment of the teeth.


Additional Assessment

In addition to this, we may take x-rays in order to check:

  1. The presence of dental decay in areas which are difficult to see by visual inspection.
  2. The hidden roots of teeth that we suspect may have problems deep in the bone.
  3. The levels of bone supporting the teeth to assess gum disease.
  4. For the position of teeth not yet erupted into the mouth, including wisdom teeth.

Our examination process is systematic and comprehensive. We don’t do quick check-ups!


We keep you involved

When we have finished the examination process, we will discuss our findings and talk to you about:

  • Any condition we find that requires treatment that will benefit you.
  • We will do our best to give you an indication of how urgent any required treatment is.
  • The range of treatment options available.
  • The estimated treatment costs of the treatment.
  • Time required and schedule for performing the treatment.
  • Recommended actions for you to take to look after your teeth – this may involve adjusting aspects of your teeth cleaning and your diet.

How often should I have my teeth examined?

We recommend to have your teeth examined at least once a year. This is adjusted depending on the condition of your teeth/gums, your oral hygiene and your general health.

What are the benefits of regular dental examinations?

Your dentist will be able to spot problems such as decay and gum disease before you become aware of them. By spotting and treating problems early, we can help limit the amount of damage that occurs. Any treatment required will be less complex and ulitimately less expensive. Your teeth will be in better condition. Regular dental examinations are a no-brainer!

Opening Hours


Our most up to date hours can be found on our Google page.
There is someone available at reception Mon-Fri 8am- 6pm, Sat 10am-1pm to answer telephone calls. Telephone calls may or may not be answered outside of these times.